You’ll Absolutely Love Goldendoodles When You Read This Blog Post

If you are looking for an amazing dog for yourself, your child or a friend, you will be glad you came across this post. If dogs are man’s best friend, Goldendoodles are the best of the best. This is an amazing breed that combines both smarts and friendliness, and you can choose the color and size you want. Beyond that, there’s a lot more you stand to gain from choosing a Goldendoodle.

This is even more true if you or a member of your family have a special need and could benefit from a wonderful service dog because Goldendoodles are uniquely suited for this important role.

Blueridge Goldendoodles love goldendoodles

The following post takes a closer look at one special needs boy and his Goldendoodle companion. Check it out:

Noah Trains (and Talks!) To Our Goldendoodle

When Noah was learning how to walk he spent some time with “Eli,” a big Golden Retriever Therapy Dog. He did really well with a big dog, and although we’ve always had small dogs as a married couple, I thought it would be fun for Noah to have a big dog in the house.

A few years ago I bought a Goldendoodle for our family, Jake. He’s a big dog, but he’s also a lot of fun. Our Goldendoodle is really good with our boys, and doesn’t shed (much.) He does weigh a lot (close to 70 pounds) so even though he is good with kids, his size makes him rougher than he intends to be sometimes…but it’s all good. Read more at Noah’s Dad…

Goldendoodles have this amazing way of giving people with special needs the encouragement they need to get through the day.

Blueridge Goldendoodles love goldendoodles

Want more reasons to choose a Goldendoodle? The following post highlights them for you:

Why You Should Consider Buying a Goldendoodle

Finding the right dog can be a lengthy, overcomplicated process, as a mass of inescapable thoughts will fill your mind. What type of dog am I looking for? Do I want a small dog? A large dog? One that is independent? One that cuddles? This list is endless. As a tenured dog owner, I have a worthwhile piece of advice for all potential buyers. Skip the searching process and buy a Goldendoodle. I’ll tell ya why.   Read more at Pet Life…

If you’re still reading this, there’s no reason you should be second-guessing at this point. The Goldendoodle is your best choice.

Blueridge Goldendoodles love goldendoodles

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