8 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health

I am all too excited! I am also tired considering the amount of information that is available online and that I have to wade through in order to find what will be most beneficial for my friend. Here are just a few of the eight steps that I found to improve my dog’s health.

1. Worrying sickly about my dog.

When I worry sickly about my dog I suddenly feel very bad, and not be objective when I take action to change her condition. If your dog has loose bowels or painful stools, take action!

2. Not preparing appropriately.

In my opinion preparing the proper meals for my dog is as important as my diet. So, when I don’t prepare right, I either ask my suppliers for better food or locate better food made with ingredients I can use.

3. Leaving food in the bowl too long.

I have found the best way to control my dog’s eating habits is to measure her food out before I feed her, and to take her out to eat after I’ve given her a cup of water. Don’t leave food where it can be eaten by your dog!

4. Not deserting her at the right time.

Nights are busy times for us – neighbors, jobs, parties etc. So when you don’t let your dog eat all of her food it is cruel and can disrupt her digestive system. It is also likely to cause your dog to stop eating.

5. Not preparing enough fresh food.

We ridof bad breath with regular brushing. We all know thatchocolate is bad for usand dogs. A diet of plain yogurt, pasteurized eggs, fresh meats and some vegetable oil can help.

6. Making your dog Stay fit.

Arthritis, obesity and digestive problems affect dogs in the prime of life. The effects become especially damaging if itImpairs your dog’s ability to lead a healthy life. Brush your dog’s teeth and massage her joints – they are all joint inflammation and that can help. Your dog’s body is the best place to fight cancer and disease; so if your dog is not healthy, let her body do its thing.

7. Feeding inappropriate foods.

Most dogs prefer raw food, but that is not always easy. Many people skate when they eat and dogs that are picky eat only part of the time. Choose your dog’s food and go by what your dog eats and leave what you don’t.

8. Changing food too often

Dogs are very good at catching on to our food preferences and we pay for the mistake. Do not change your dog’s diet suddenly, more than twice a year. When asking your veterinarian for advice, he or she may have a bonus knowledge of what type of food is best for your dog versus other foods on the market.

9. Allergy Free

She may not develop an allergy to food or things in her environment but she can develop an allergy to anything she finds attractive. Find out what that is by reading up on allergy symptoms. That way you can offer her food that she doesn’t have a problem with, or switch her food to something that doesn’t trigger her allergy.

10. An Elimination Foods Diet(voice training only – you need to find a good quality hypoallergenic dog food)

This is suggested by conjunction with the prior option — changing her diet. It is very important that your dog not only stays on her current food, but that she also eats a completely different food. This changes the ratio of good to bad and provides a more balanced diet. The old type used to be fish, then it was grain, now it is corn. The new diet should contain all of the necessary nutritional elements. If you would like to go totally food free for a while, that is fine. But remember, if she had tapeworms or dogs with food intolerance a while ago, it will take a while for her to get over it, so stick with the current diet and your dog will be fine!

What is the breakdown of these diets?The high protein diet is primarily meat, often antibiotic free. Then there is the low protein diet, which is simply meat with vegetables. The middle of the road up is corn meal, or simply ground up foods. The least common is whole grain.

Nutrition is a fascinating and complex subject. You need to learn how to read a food label, how complicated it can be to know what is in a package of food you buy. But read a few books, and Primer Labs does a wonderful job of laying everything you need to know in there.